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Wreckage can make it difficult to free victims of car accidents

What happens to a vehicle during an accident is unpredictable. In some car accidents, the wreckage itself makes it difficult to extricate the victims, but the position of the vehicle can also complicate matters. This can make it a challenge for emergency responders in New Jersey to get to the victims in order to provide life-saving medical care.

Factors involved in some car accidents are not readily identified

In some cases, New Jersey law enforcement officials have a difficult time discerning how an accident occurred. This is often because the factors involved in some car accidents are not readily identifiable based on where the vehicles came to rest. Additional investigation and even an accident reconstruction may be necessary in order to ascertain the cause of the crash.

Drunken overconfidence can lead to car accidents

For some people, an inflated sense of confidence and invincibility seems to be a side effect of consuming alcohol. When combined with driving, this drunken overconfidence could easily lead to serious car accidents. New Jersey State Police believe this may have been the case in a recent crash on Route 80 East.

Many car accidents are caused by unlicensed drivers

Numerous people on New Jersey's roads are driving without valid drivers' licenses. Often, there is a reason why these individuals are not allowed to drive, but they do so anyway, which can put other people's lives at risk. Car accidents caused by these individuals could be avoided if they respected the fact that they are not supposed to be driving.

New Jersey hit-and-run car accidents can be difficult to solve

Some New Jersey families are forced to wait for answers when they lose a loved one in an accident. Hit-and-run car accidents can be a challenge for law enforcement officials -- especially if there are no witnesses. Fortunately, many of these cases are solved, and families can finally receive some closure.

Fatal single-car crash adds to Thanksgiving car accidents

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for families across the country to get together, count their blessings and perhaps even watch some football. Regrettably, some families find it impossible to celebrate when their loved ones are injured or killed in car accidents. Two families here in New Jersey may have been looking forward to celebrating the holiday until tragedy struck that afternoon.

Evidence in car accidents comes from numerous sources

During the investigation of an accident, law enforcement officials in New Jersey look at as many sources as possible to determine what happened. Evidence regarding car accidents can come from the crash scene itself, witnesses and even video footage. A piece of video footage from a driver's dash camera could provide police with a clue to a recent crash that killed a 19-year-old man.

2 New Jersey teens added to statistics re fatal car accidents

A fatal motor vehicle accident is always tragic. When children or teenagers who have just barely begun their lives are killed in car accidents, it seems the sorrow is even deeper. An entire community is feeling the recent loss of two New Jersey teenagers.

New Jersey truck accidents: Tracy Morgan, others hurt, 1 killed

Not getting adequate sleep diminishes a driver's ability to pay attention and avoid potential disaster while driving. Numerous truck accidents around the country, including here in New Jersey, occur due to sleep-deprived drivers. Officials believe this may have been the case in the recent accident.

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers continue to take lives

Regardless of the number of police patrols, public awareness campaigns and laws, many New Jersey drivers still get behind the wheel of a car after drinking. The car accidents caused by these drivers often result in serious injuries and death. Police believe that alcohol may have been the cause of a recent single car crash that took the life of one person and injured three others.

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