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Was motorcycle driver guilty of negligence in accident?

Many New Jersey riders would agree that operating a motorcycle requires special skills beyond those needed to drive a car. If an individual is not familiar with what it takes to control a motorcycle, yet rides one anyway, it could put everyone on the roadway in danger. If an accident occurs that is the rider's fault, it could be considered negligence.

Was construction truck driver guilty of negligence?

New Jersey drivers are often warned to take extra precautions in construction zones in order to avoid accidents that could kill or seriously injure workers. However, that does not mean that the workers themselves do not have the same responsibility to motorists. Construction workers operating vehicles in these zones also need to be cautious because their negligence could result in an accident in which someone is injured or killed.

New Jersey family lost a loved one in high-speed crash

Driving at a high-rate of speed can be dangerous for a well traveled driver -- let alone for a teenager who does not have adequate experience at driving. Teenagers tend to believe they are invincible, and this can contribute to recklessness behind the wheel. This deadly combination of inexperience and speed is being blamed in an accident in which a New Jersey family lost a loved one.

Did driver's negligence lead to the death of another driver?

New Jersey has seen its share of inclement weather this winter. Snow storms blanketed the state and its roadways, which caused travel to become treacherous at times. Officials urged residents on more than one occasion to stay off the roads if possible and, if not, to take extra precautions. Under these circumstances, an accident could easily be caused by a driver's negligence.

Family recently lost a loved one to dangerous intersection

Some intersections in New Jersey see a higher number of crashes than others. Often, the construction of the intersection is part of the issue. A family recently lost a loved one at a Morris County intersection that one official says needs improvement.

Did negligence lead to the death of one man and several injured?

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority spent approximately $2.5 billion adding six new lanes of travel, which added nearly 170 miles of roadway between exits 6 and 9. Funding was allocated to hire 21 new road maintenance workers to provide coverage for this new section of road, and so far, 15 have been hired. Even so, the Authority could be facing litigation alleging negligence after a man died and numerous others were injured in multi-vehicle crashes that occurred during recent inclement weather on the new stretch of the roadway.

Wrongful death claim filed by parents of boy killed by bus

Nearly every parent in New Jersey would agree that no one should outlive their child. Parents send their children off to school every day, expecting to see them at the end of the day. Unfortunately, one couple's young boy never came home again after being killed in a bus accident. Recently, they filed a wrongful death claim against the school district, the bus service and the driver who had struck their child.

Guilty plea could establish negligence in a wrongful death claim

One primary focus of a plaintiff in a wrongful death claim is to establish negligence on the part of the party or parties believed to have caused the death of their loved one. In many New Jersey accidents involving a fatality, criminal charges are filed against the allegedly responsible party. If the person facing those charges enters a guilty plea or is otherwise convicted in criminal court, proof of the conviction could be used to establish negligence in a civil lawsuit connected to the victim's death.

Negligence may be cause of passenger's death in crash

When someone in New Jersey gets into a vehicle as a passenger, he or she is trusting the driver to ensure his or her safety. A driver's failure to avoid an accident could cause serious injury or death to his or her passengers. If it turns out the accident was caused by negligence on the part of the driver, criminal charges may be filed against him or her along with civil claims.

Legal remedies for nursing homes treatment mistakes, abuse

Regardless of how careful family members are when choosing a New Jersey nursing home for a loved one, no guarantee can be given that he or she will not suffer an injury at the hands of the staff. Treatment mistakes happen, and the party or parties deemed responsible may face claims for financial responsibility for the consequences of those mistakes. Sometimes, however, the behavior of staff crosses from a mistake into abuse.

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