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Legal remedies for nursing homes treatment mistakes, abuse

Regardless of how careful family members are when choosing a New Jersey nursing home for a loved one, no guarantee can be given that he or she will not suffer an injury at the hands of the staff. Treatment mistakes happen, and the party or parties deemed responsible may face claims for financial responsibility for the consequences of those mistakes. Sometimes, however, the behavior of staff crosses from a mistake into abuse.

Did hospital changes to prevent diagnosis errors came too late?

By now, most everyone in New Jersey has heard about the death of the first victim of Ebola in the United States. Recently, details came to light that diagnosis errors occurred the first time he went to the emergency room. The hospital says it has made changes in its procedures in an attempt to avoid the same mistakes that occurred with him while continuing to assess what went wrong in his case.

Treatment mistakes lead to $1.5M out-of-court settlement

New Jersey residents might agree that it is easy for patients to assume that doctors and nurses do not make mistakes when it comes to their treatment. However, two out-of-state medical professionals made mistakes the day that a 17-year-old girl died. First, a doctor prescribed a dangerous dose of a powerful opiod, and second, the nurse gave it to the teen without question. Her mother contends that had it not been for these treatment mistakes, her daughter would be alive today.

Treatment mistakes: Patient claims for serious injuries sustained

Many people reach a stage in their lives where they have to make a decision to admit an elderly loved one to a facility where constant care is available. When this decision is made, it is done with the understanding that the loved one will be well cared for and safe. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. New Jersey residents may be interested to know about treatment mistakes that happened in a neighboring state recently.

Overworked nurses can lead to patient safety issues

High turnover rates and low employee satisfaction has led to many hospitals struggling to fill vacant nursing and other health care positions. While this is not good news, what's worse is that a new study found that unfilled positions in hospitals are threatening patient care. 

Misdiagnosis most common reason for medical malpractice claims

Physicians and health care facilities can be held liable for negligence and other medical errors that harm patients. There are many different types of mistakes that lead to medical malpractice claims in New Jersey but the a new study found that misdiagnosis is the most common reason for patients to file a medical negligence or malpractice claim against their primary care physician.

Patient still alive when hospital tries to remove organs

Many patients in New Jersey may have nightmares about going to the hospital after several hospital errors led to a patient almost having her organs harvested for donation while she was still alive. The almost fatal mistake was caused by several hospital errors when a woman was brought to the emergency room after a drug overdose.

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