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Bullying leads to a wrongful death suit

Bullying has become a very serious issue in our society, and it is perhaps nowhere more serious than in our schools. There have been bullies in New Jersey as long as there have been children. However, the advent of the digital era and social media have made it inescapable for its victims. In days past bullies could be physically avoided and left behind at the end of the school day, but now they are ever present not only to the victim but also to the victim's peers via social media. One such situation resulted in a wrongful death suit.

A home for the disabled and a wrongful death

One of the most difficult decisions a family may make is to entrust a family member with special needs to the care of others. The need for such a decision to be made can result from the lack of means to care for the individual at home or concern for the person's safety or for the family's safety. Such a decision led to a wrongful death at a New Jersey home for the disabled.

Wrongful death claim possible after motorcycle accident

Those riding on motorcycles often suffer severe or fatal injuries in accidents because they are largely unprotected against impacts. Other drivers bear the responsibility of driving safely and cautiously around bikers, especially trucks and other vehicles that can do serious damage in a collision. A recent accident in New Jersey illustrates how motorcycle accidents can result in the wrongful death of an innocent biker.

Nursing home staff facing charges after wrongful death settlement

The elderly are to be loved and well taken care of as members of the senior community. When a senior is in the care of staff in a nursing home facility, it is expected that the person will receive a good level of care. Residents of New Jersey may pass away of old age in these homes; however, there are those who die from a wrongful death due to negligence.

Family of a woman hit by a bus wins wrongful death lawsuit

In New Jersey and elsewhere, a pedestrian typically has the right of way. When a driver assumes the responsibility to operate a motor vehicle, he or she must follow all the traffic laws. Pedestrians trust that when they walk along the road or through a crosswalk that others will abide by the very laws set to protect them from danger. When a driver negligently causes a fatal pedestrian accident, a wrongful death claim may be filed in a New Jersey civil court by the victim's surviving family.

Wrongful death suit seeks $2.3M after elderly victim's fatal fall

When residents of New Jersey need assistance in caring for elderly loves ones, they often have no choice but to trust that whatever facility they choose is a safe environment staffed with compassionate and well-trained professionals. Tragically, this is sometimes not the case, and helpless senior citizens are the ones who pay a high price through physical pain and suffering or, sometimes, even their lives. In another state, a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a deceased individual's estate accuses the facility in which he was staying of negligence that directly led to his death.

Wrongful death case possible following bludgeoning death

Many people in New Jersey are generally familiar with some of the symptoms associated with dementia. People who suffer from the condition can sometimes be unpredictable, including becoming violent at times. However, those who provide care for such people should be familiar with both their patients and the potential for which their condition may present. Unfortunately, the death of a dementia patient in another state may potentially lead to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death: Group home administrator faces criminal charges

People in New Jersey and across the country who struggle to provide care for themselves are often placed in assisted living facilities. Employees in these facilities are sometimes tasked with dealing with people who may exhibit challenging behavior -- behavior that is often beyond the control of the patient. Despite this, staff must continue to meet the care needs of all patients in a professional manner. Unfortunately, the administrator of an assisted living facility in another state could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit after she was arrested and faces multiple charges in connection to the death of a resident.

Wrongful death: Wrong drug resulted in fatality, lawsuit

When working in any sort of medical care facility, health care providers in New Jersey are expected to ensure that any medication given to a patient is necessary and administered appropriately. In fact, many facilities have several measures in place to track medication and ensure that the right patient receives the correct medication. Unfortunately, a resident at an out-of-state nursing home facility passed away; a recent wrongful death lawsuit claims it was because of a medication error.

Charges filed in potential wrongful death case

In order to provide the care that nursing home residents require in New Jersey, there must be many members of a care team. While most of the workers are professionals dedicated to protecting the patients, some are not, sometimes resulting in serious harm to a patient. Unfortunately, one out-of-state resident may be the victim of a wrongful death case after she died during surgery following an injury suffered at a nursing home.

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