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Motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers equals tragedy

The sudden death of a child is one of the most horrific experiences that can befall a parent in New Jersey. When the death comes at the hands of a drunk driver, the trauma experienced may defy description. Recently, a young mother was pushing a stroller that held her 1-year-old, and her 5-year-old was walking beside her when a vehicle careened into them. Horrific motor vehicle accidents can be caused by drunk drivers.

Motor vehicle accidents can damage summer businesses

Summer time is a time to slow down, enjoy life and maybe eat a hot dog or two. It is also a time that New Jersey drivers should slow down, be aware of their surroundings and be prepared to react to changing situations in order to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Speed and failure to react may have contributed to an accident that damaged a hot dog stand and seriously injured the owner of the hot dog stand.

Memorial Day adventures can lead to motor vehicle accidents

The Memorial Day holiday is the traditional start of summer in New Jersey and around the country. Families head out on the road to go to the beach, to visit loved ones and engage in other summer past times. No one setting out on a holiday weekend adventure expects to be involved in a car accident. Yet Memorial Day also sees an increase in motor vehicle accidents.

When fear of motor vehicle accidents becomes a reality

As carefully as people may maintain their cars in New Jersey, unforeseen events can still occur. Such an event, such as a flat tire, can prove to be very dangerous and be the cause of motor vehicle accidents. This is particularly true if a flat tire happens on the highway. Such was the case in a recent accident on Route 280 near the New Jersey Turnpike.

The risk of motor vehicle accidents is always present

People know that they take a risk every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle in New Jersey. People know the risk is there but believe the chance of actually being involved in an accident is fairly slim.  When one is stopped at a red light, being involved in motor vehicle accidents that are caused by being hit from behind is not likely to be at the front of a person's mind. Such an accident occurred on Monday and sadly the outcome was tragic.

Motor vehicle accidents in rush hour traffic

Navigating rush hour traffic in New Jersey is never easy. With distracted drivers, impatient drivers and bumper to bumper traffic, accidents are bound to happen. When tractor-trailer trucks are added into the mix, motor vehicle accidents can be serious and even fatal.

Distracted driving: A major cause of motor vehicle accidents

It is no secret that there are more vehicles on the roadways with every passing year. The number of distractions available to drivers seems to increase at a similar rate along with the growing list of electronic devices most people are never without. This is true on New Jersey's congested roadways, and these distractions have the potential to cause motor vehicle accidents.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 killed in crash with a truck

It's lunch time on a sunny day and people are heading out to eat, run errands or meet up with friends or family. No one expects a different outcome when they set out in their vehicle in New Jersey. Motor vehicle accidents are never expected.

Drunk and reckless can equal tragic motor vehicle accidents

When people get into their cars to go somewhere, it is with the assumption that they will arrive safely at their destination. Even the most cautious driving cannot prevent all motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey. When a drunk driver is involved, it can be difficult to avoid a tragic accident.

Hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents often prove fatal

A young female passenger was found deceased from injuries suffered in a car crash. This motor vehicle accident took place on a busy and narrow street in New Jersey in the early hours of Jan. 27. The driver apparently fled the scene after crashing into a metal barrier and left her fatally injured friend without inquiring for help from emergency crews. It is hard for loved ones to endure the pain and anguish that results from tragic injuries or fatalities from motor vehicle accidents

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