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5 distractions that cause serious car accidents

Distractions while driving are deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 391,000 people suffered injuries in car accidents involving driver distractions. Many people multitask thinking they are not endangering themselves or others. Drivers who partake in this unsafe behavior can cause you to get into an accident and sustain serious injuries.

What are the common causes and signs of a brain injury?

The brain is resilient but can only take so much when it comes to injury. Car accidents, workplace injuries and even simple slips and falls can lead to damage that changes your entire life. Learn the common causes of brain injuries and the signs you may need help.

Where to sue in an out of state car accident

You were out of state for a business trip, vacation or family visit and got in a car accident. Now what? While you may already know that you are entitled to compensation when the other driver is at fault for the accident, this often involves going to court. Where do you file a claim when the accident occurs out of state?

Self-driving cars face a tough road to acceptance

Self-driving cars are slowly but surely becoming a more common feature on the nation's roads, with manufacturers betting that the adoption of the technology will phase out car accidents due to human error. However, the cars have not been trouble-free so far, and there are further concerns about the risk of an accident involving self-driving cars. These issues have made Americans rather reluctant to fully support switching to self-driving cars for quite a few reasons.

It can take time to determine fault in some car accidents

In the chaos that follows serious crashes, it can be difficult for New Jersey law enforcement officials to figure out which driver was at fault. Determining the factors that led to such car accidents could take some time, which could delay victims and their families from obtaining the answers that they need in order to understand why their loved one is laying in a hospital bed or is deceased. In the meantime, everyone involved is more than likely attempting to deal with the crisis as best as they can.

Police chases with truckers can end in deadly truck accidents

Not all police chases here in New Jersey or elsewhere involve passenger vehicles. Some of them involve tractor-trailers or just the cabs. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles -- with or without the trailers -- any truck accidents can be deadly.

Too many car accidents are caused by driver fatigue

Nearly every New Jersey driver has gotten behind the wheel even though he or she was tired. However, there is a difference between being a little tired and being overtired. When a driver is seriously fatigued, serious or fatal car accidents can result. Reportedly, approximately 30 percent of all crashes are due to sleepy drivers.

The Garden State Parkway sees many car accidents

The Garden State Parkway is a major roadway in New Jersey and considered one of the busiest toll highways in the country. Because of the amount of traffic it bears, numerous car accidents occur on it every year. One of those crashes recently took the lives of two people and injured two others.

Numerous car accidents are caused by novice teenage drivers

Every day, teenagers across New Jersey get their driver's licenses. Even though experienced drivers make mistakes behind the wheel, the fact that teenagers are novice drivers also results in numerous car accidents. Some of those accidents result in fatalities.

Motorcycle vs. car accidents can be deadly for riders

Pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcyclists are often considered to be the most vulnerable on the roadways. They do not enjoy the same protections as those in passenger cars and larger vehicles in car accidents, which means their injuries will most likely be more serious and could even be fatal. New Jersey drivers always need to be vigilant on the roadways, but they might need to take extra care when around motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

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