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New Jersey motor vehicle accidents: 2 motorcyclists hospitalized

When most people in New Jersey think of traditional uses of the roadways, they likely think of sedans, trucks, vans and sports utility vehicles. However, there are a variety of different ways to legally utilize the roadways including through the use of motorcycles. Despite their right to be on the roadways, motorcyclists are often involved in crashes caused by other motorists who may not see them. As a result, it is necessary for all drivers to remain vigilant in order to prevent motor vehicle accidents.

Motor vehicle accidents: Fiery New Jersey crash proves fatal

While many people in New Jersey likely spent the recent holiday enjoying time with their family and friends, one family received a terrific loss as a result of a car crash. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents can happen at any moment, even to those who are not behind the wheel. Reports in New Jersey claim that a recent fiery crash involved a vehicle that was stopped on the shoulder of the road.

Motor vehicle accidents: 3 New Jersey teens in serious condition

There are certain risks to all New Jersey drivers as well as their passengers. While there are many measures that safe drivers can take to help reduce the chances of causing or being involved in an accident, motor vehicle accidents can still occur. Unfortunately, three teenagers are hospitalized following a recent collision.

New Jersey motor vehicle accidents: Collision under investigation

There are many safe drivers on New Jersey roadways who ensure that they remain vigilant all times. Unfortunately, even one or two negligent drivers can cause serious motor vehicle accidents that will have long-term ramifications on the lives of those involved. For example, two people were recently seriously injured in a three-car collision that remains under investigation.

New Jersey motor vehicle accidents: 2 killed in multi-car crash

On many roads, the only thing that protects drivers from oncoming traffic is a stripe of paint on the center of the road. Unfortunately, this does little to protect drivers and passengers from motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent drivers. Police in New Jersey are still trying to piece together the details of a recent crash that resulted in the death of two people.

All ages engage in behaviors that lead to motor vehicle accidents

Many people in New Jersey assume that new drivers are the most dangerous on the road. Because of their inexperience, some assume, they may be unable to respond to a dangerous situation and may be more likely to engage in risky behavior that could lead to motor vehicle accidents. However, a recent study documented some surprising revelations about driver behavior.

Motor vehicle accidents: New Jersey school bus driver cited

While all drivers are expected to remain vigilant and avoid distractions, drivers of school buses are often held to an even higher standard by society. Motor vehicle accidents involving school buses can cause serious harm both to the children riding the bus and others involved. Fortunately, only one person was injured in a recent crash involving a bus in New Jersey.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 drivers injured in New Jersey

There are just a few inches that separate large pieces of machinery moving at fast rates of speed. Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey have been caused by drivers who drift across those few inches.  For example, two drivers were recently sent to the hospital after such an incident.

Man accused of causing 2 New Jersey motor vehicle accidents

Most drivers in New Jersey take measures to protect themselves and their passengers. Despite their efforts, they are often unable to avoid the dangerous actions of other drivers with whom they may come into contact. Unfortunately, these encounters often result in injuries. For example, one man in New Jersey was arrested after police officers accused him of causing two motor vehicle accidents, one of which resulted in injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents: New Jersey teen suffers injuries

School buses in the United States are equipped with safety features meant to ensure that they are properly visible. Despite these efforts, motor vehicle accidents continue to occur due to distracted drivers. Unfortunately, a teenager in New Jersey recently suffered severe injuries after she was struck while attempting to board a bus.

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