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Are American roads unnecessarily dangerous?

The Road to Zero Coalition is a group of organizations committed to idea that car accident fatalities should be no more common or acceptable than commercial airline fatalities. If car crashes were as rare as airline crashes, tens of thousands of lives would be saved every year.

New awareness campaign tackles distracted driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is wrapping up Distracted Driving Awareness Month with a campaign designed to draw attention to the problem. Distracted driving is on the rise and is widely blamed for the increase in fatal car accidents over recent years. The NHTSA estimates that at least 3,450 car accident deaths involved distracted drivers in 2016. Smartphones are the obvious culprit, as use of the devices has gone from nonexistent to universal over the past 25 years. 

5 distractions that cause serious car accidents

Distractions while driving are deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 391,000 people suffered injuries in car accidents involving driver distractions. Many people multitask thinking they are not endangering themselves or others. Drivers who partake in this unsafe behavior can cause you to get into an accident and sustain serious injuries.

4 tips for driving safely in the rain

Driving in the rain gets some motorists on edge while others find it to be no big deal. The fact is, rain causes more fatal car crashes than any other weather hazard. While you do not necessarily have to avoid driving in the rain altogether, there are certain tips and techniques you should keep in mind the next time you drive in wet conditions.

Where to sue in an out of state car accident

You were out of state for a business trip, vacation or family visit and got in a car accident. Now what? While you may already know that you are entitled to compensation when the other driver is at fault for the accident, this often involves going to court. Where do you file a claim when the accident occurs out of state?

Self-driving cars face a tough road to acceptance

Self-driving cars are slowly but surely becoming a more common feature on the nation's roads, with manufacturers betting that the adoption of the technology will phase out car accidents due to human error. However, the cars have not been trouble-free so far, and there are further concerns about the risk of an accident involving self-driving cars. These issues have made Americans rather reluctant to fully support switching to self-driving cars for quite a few reasons.

New distracted driving bill in New Jersey

New Jersey's network of surface roads, interstates and toll ways has been described as a tangled bowl of noodles. You can add to this such Jersey oddities as the jughandle turn (turn right to go left!), the endless array of tolls and the sheer numbers of drivers on the road at any given hour. Don't get us started about the driving habits of some during rush hour on I-95 or how one wrong turn leading up to or exiting the Newark airport can leave you hopelessly lost with no way to legally turn around.

It can take time to determine fault in some car accidents

In the chaos that follows serious crashes, it can be difficult for New Jersey law enforcement officials to figure out which driver was at fault. Determining the factors that led to such car accidents could take some time, which could delay victims and their families from obtaining the answers that they need in order to understand why their loved one is laying in a hospital bed or is deceased. In the meantime, everyone involved is more than likely attempting to deal with the crisis as best as they can.

Police chases with truckers can end in deadly truck accidents

Not all police chases here in New Jersey or elsewhere involve passenger vehicles. Some of them involve tractor-trailers or just the cabs. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles -- with or without the trailers -- any truck accidents can be deadly.

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