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Radiologist accused of diagnosis errors

Many New Jersey doctors rely on tests to figure out what is ailing their patients. They depend on the doctors who are supposed to interpret those tests to provide them with accurate information so that a proper diagnosis can be made. When a doctor meant to interpret those tests makes diagnosis errors, a patient could suffer the consequences.

That is what a man from the west coast claims happened to him. He went to one hospital complaining of a facial droop and slurred speech back in Aug. 2016. An MRI was conducted, and the radiologist who read the results said that no abnormalities were found. Fortunately, the man was transferred to another hospital.

While there, doctors discovered that the Oregon man's basilar artery was blocked. That artery provides blood to the central nervous system and the brain. The man claims that the blockage caused him to suffer from respiratory failure. He claims to have suffered a traumatic brain injury and is now partially paralyzed. He blames the hospital and the radiologist for not providing him with adequate and timely care, which might have prevented the permanent injuries he now suffers.

As would be the case here in New Jersey, the court will need to determine whether diagnosis errors occurred and whether those errors led to the man's permanent and debilitating injuries. A successful medical malpractice claim documents that the care received was below accepted standards and that an injury resulted from that lack of proper care. An award of damages could help with the current and future medical and other needs of the victim.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, "Astoria Man Sues Hospital for $9 Million for Negligence", March 22, 2017

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