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Potentially dangerous products recalled due to Belladonna

Belladonna, or deadly nightshade, is a plant that can be toxic to humans despite its medicinal properties. New Jersey parents need to be aware that this plant is said to be behind a recent voluntary recall of Raritan Pharmaceuticals' homeopathic teething and ear relief liquids for children. This move comes in the wake of a Food and Drug Administration warning regarding the use of potentially dangerous products containing Belladonna, possibly linked to the deaths of at least 10 children.

Even though Raritan Pharmaceuticals says that it has not received any reports of adverse health events due to the products, the recall was issued in an abundance of caution. The company claims that the amounts of Belladonna in its products should not be dangerous, but levels do vary in the identified products. Reports indicate that CVS stores already pulled the company's products when the FDA issued the warning.

Because the levels of Belladonna are not consistent, it is possible for a child to receive a dangerous dose. If too much of the plant is ingested, it can cause seizures, excessive sleeping and lethargy, along with breathing difficulties. The FDA's website lists all of the products subject to this recall and recommends that their use be stopped immediately.

If New Jersey parents suspect that their child might have suffered serious or fatal injuries from one or more of the recalled products, it should be reported to the FDA. Thereafter, a consultation with an attorney might be in order to determine whether a products liability claim would be appropriate. Manufacturers, distributors and other parties need to be held liable when dangerous products are released into the market since it is consumers and their children who suffer the consequences of this type of negligence.

Source: CNN, "Homeopathic kids' products recalled due to belladonna", Hailey Middlebrook, Nov. 29, 2016

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