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April 2014 Archives

Residents say car accidents occur often at same intersection

Authorities in New Jersey are still attempting to discover the cause of a recent accident. Residents in the area say that car accidents occur at the same intersection often, which lies at the base of a hill. Cars reportedly travel at unsafe speeds by the time they reach the bottom of the hill.

Diagnosis errors plague outpatient examinations

When New Jersey residents go to their doctor's office, an emergency room or clinic, they expect to be given an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes, however, diagnosis errors are made. This can result in something as simple as being given an allergy medicine instead of a cold medicine. On the other hand, it could mean a delay in obtaining a lifesaving treatment.

New Jersey driver not like others in hit-and-run car accidents

On the night of April 7, a vehicle struck a pedestrian crossing the street. The driver of that vehicle apparently decided not to remain at the scene and failed to stop to render aid to the victim. However, this New Jersey driver was not like drivers in other hit-and-run car accidents -- the 64-year-old woman actually called police sometime after fleeing the scene.

Prosecutors allege negligence in 2012 road rage incident

At some point in time, every person in New Jersey that gets behind the wheel of a car experiences anger with the behavior of another driver. Most drivers do not escalate the situation to the point where the behavior of one or both drivers rises to negligence. When drivers' tempers flare to the point where they are no longer aware of the danger they pose to each other and others on the road, a serious or even deadly accident can occur.

Was New Jersey EMT guilty of negligence in fatal crash?

After having dinner at a New Jersey restaurant, a family of four was getting into a car to leave. As a brother and son was getting into the back seat of the vehicle, tragedy struck. His life was lost, and the tragedy has been blamed on the negligence of another driver.

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