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A home for the disabled and a wrongful death

One of the most difficult decisions a family may make is to entrust a family member with special needs to the care of others. The need for such a decision to be made can result from the lack of means to care for the individual at home or concern for the person's safety or for the family's safety. Such a decision led to a wrongful death at a New Jersey home for the disabled.

A 68-year-old woman resided at the Woodbridge Developmental Center for 17 years. For most of that time, she received good care, according to her sisters. However, after a budgetary decision to close the facility was reached in 2012, conditions deteriorated. There were staff cuts, staff reassignments and patient transfers that may have contributed to the deterioration in the quality of care.

It's Dog Bite Prevention Week

The second week of April each year comes with a special safety-focused designation: National Dog Bite Prevention Week. With 70 million pet dogs in the country, dog bites present a serious threat. Most dogs are well behaved and never harm anybody, but attacks happen more often than anybody would like.

Distracted driving: A major cause of motor vehicle accidents

It is no secret that there are more vehicles on the roadways with every passing year. The number of distractions available to drivers seems to increase at a similar rate along with the growing list of electronic devices most people are never without. This is true on New Jersey's congested roadways, and these distractions have the potential to cause motor vehicle accidents.

Officers throughout the state of New Jersey are going to be on the lookout for distracted driving in the coming weeks. Among the behaviors they will be looking for are talking on a hand-held cell phone and texting while the car is in traffic. In 2015, 3,477 people were killed and another 391,000 were injured because of distracted driving. These numbers comprise 52% of the state's motor vehicle accidents in 2015.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 killed in crash with a truck

It's lunch time on a sunny day and people are heading out to eat, run errands or meet up with friends or family. No one expects a different outcome when they set out in their vehicle in New Jersey. Motor vehicle accidents are never expected.

Such was the case on a recent Monday on Route 29 near Titusville. Officers arrived on the scene of the accident and found that a Mack truck and a Ford Crown Victoria had collided in the south bound lane. Both vehicles and a utility pole had caught fire. The driver of the truck was not seriously injured, but the driver and passenger in the Crown Victoria were pronounced dead at the scene.

Are we ready for self-driving cars?

Back in the 1980s, many people believed we would have autonomous vehicles in the near future. The time when cars pilot themselves is finally starting to become a reality, although the road to having self-driving cars has not been smooth. Some people in New Jersey and elsewhere fear that autonomous vehicle technology is still too new and not adequately tested to be safe on public roads. You may also worry that you face dangers not only from negligent drivers, but from self-driving vehicles that share the roads with you.

The Uber company has been at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology for several months. Recently, the company has been testing a fleet of self-driving cars, as you may have heard. This technology is nothing short of amazing, with the following factors:

  • Numerous cameras mounted around the vehicle
  • A lidar system of sensors, which uses light detection and radar to detect objects
  • The ability to “see” moving and stationary objects, including pedestrians, surrounding vehicles, landscape, traffic signs and lane markings

Drunk and reckless can equal tragic motor vehicle accidents

When people get into their cars to go somewhere, it is with the assumption that they will arrive safely at their destination. Even the most cautious driving cannot prevent all motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey. When a drunk driver is involved, it can be difficult to avoid a tragic accident.

This was the case in a recent fatal accident in Jersey City. A gentleman was driving drunk and recklessly when he caused a crash that resulted in the deaths of two people. The drunk driver was driving a Honda Accord, and the vehicle that was struck was a Toyota Corolla. Two passengers in the rear of the Corolla were killed, and the drivers and front seat passengers of both vehicles sustained injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Wrongful death claim possible after motorcycle accident

Those riding on motorcycles often suffer severe or fatal injuries in accidents because they are largely unprotected against impacts. Other drivers bear the responsibility of driving safely and cautiously around bikers, especially trucks and other vehicles that can do serious damage in a collision. A recent accident in New Jersey illustrates how motorcycle accidents can result in the wrongful death of an innocent biker.

A few weeks ago, a semitrailer struck a motorcycle, leaving the person on the bike with injuries that ultimately resulted in his death. The accident occurred as the driver of the truck attempted to make a U-turn in the middle of the road as he was traveling on Route 206 in Hampton. While attempting this maneuver, the truck hit the motorcycle. The driver was taken to the hospital for emergency medical treatment, and he later died from his injuries.

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to severe injuries

No one ever anticipates getting injured when going out to a New Jersey restaurant to eat dinner. It is expected that restaurants follow safety standards and that floors will be safe and dry to walk upon. Slip-and-fall accidents due to unsafe practices can lead to serious injuries.

Back in 2012, a man slipped and fell at a restaurant in another state after returning from the bathroom. The man suffered serious injuries to his knee and brain damage due to slamming his head on the ground, which resulted in a brain bleed. The victim had to undergo surgery and is expected to suffer from dementia in the future due to permanent brain damage. 

Medical malpractice: maggots in wounds, bed sores and sepsis

Caregivers are expected to give a substantial amount of proper medical treatment when caring for individuals that can no longer care for themselves. Most people are dumbfounded by the very thought of incapacitated individuals being abused. New Jersey residents should never be subjected to any form of medical malpractice.

The police were called to perform a welfare check on a woman's 40-year-old brother, whom is incapacitated and was suddenly unreachable. The caregiver informed the police that the man had been hospitalized. The victim had maggots in his wounds, several bed sores and even sepsis. The man had been neglected and abused for a lengthy amount of time to sustain these types of injuries.

Nursing home staff facing charges after wrongful death settlement

The elderly are to be loved and well taken care of as members of the senior community. When a senior is in the care of staff in a nursing home facility, it is expected that the person will receive a good level of care. Residents of New Jersey may pass away of old age in these homes; however, there are those who die from a wrongful death due to negligence.

A World War II veteran wrongfully died while in the care of nursing staff in a Georgia nursing home. He told his family previously about his lack of comfort in the care he was receiving, which resulted in his family installing a hidden camera in his room. The veteran cried out for help six separate times as he was suffering a heart attack.

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