Holding Pet Owners Responsible For Dog And Animal Attacks

In determining responsibility for a dog bite injury, the biggest question is who owns the animal. Dog owners have a responsibility called "strict liability." Even if the owner had no reason to know that his or her animal was dangerous, the owner is liable if the animal bites someone.

The Severe Nature Of Dog Bite Injuries

If you or someone you love is suffering from injuries inflicted by a dog bite, it's important that you hold the animal's owner responsible for the injury. At Nusbaum Stein, we handle all kinds of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, construction site accidents and dog bites. We assist clients who live in and around Succasunna, Roxbury, Hackettstown, and other surrounding areas in New Jersey and New York City. Contact us online or by calling 862-251-6822 to discuss the details of your case.

Dog bite injuries can result in scarring that can sometimes require reconstructive surgery or even result in disfigurement. In addition to physical damage, a dog attack can cause serious emotional trauma that could last for years. Although monetary compensation can't take the pain away, it can help by allowing you to pay for the medical costs and necessary health care after such an incident.

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