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Freak car accidents: SUV crashes into Wendy's, injures customers

Standing in line at a fast food restaurant does not sound like an activity that could be dangerously life-threatening. However, it turned out to be just that on Feb. 19 for an 89-year-old customer in a Wendy's restaurant in Bayonne. As he was standing in line, the elderly man was hit by a BMW SUV that crashed into the store and batted the man through the air into a back wall before mangling him under its tires after he fell to the ground. Car accidents in New Jersey are rarely as bizarre and spectacular as the one that transpired in the Bayonne Wendy's that day.

Property owners may be held liable for fall-down accidents

The owners of public properties in New Jersey are responsible for ensuring the safety of the people who enter the property. The failure to take the necessary precautions to eliminate --or at least reduce -- any hazards that could cause fall-down accidents could result in serious injury or death. If you were injured or lost a family member due to dangerous property, you may file a civil action attempting to hold the owner liable for your injuries or the death of your family member.

Premises liability laws require retail merchants to keep you safe

Going shopping is not only dangerous for your checkbook or credit card balances but, potentially, also for you. You could slip and fall, slip on the ice in the parking lot or be hit by falling objects such as merchandise or displays. Premises liability laws around the country, and here in New Jersey, are designed to eliminate -- or at least greatly reduce -- the hazards that could lead to serious injuries or death.

Coca Cola in litigation after slip and fall accident

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe premises. When a slip and fall accident occurs, it can cause serious injury to the victim. Apparently, New Jersey residents may experience such a misfortune at any time.