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August 2017 Archives

New Jersey law intended to fight nursing home medical malpractice

Many people in New Jersey are sometimes forced to face an unhappy truth -- that they are no longer capable of meeting the medical needs of their aging loved ones. Unfortunately, some people may have concerns about placing their family members in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes due to issues related to medical malpractice, specifically in the form of abuse or neglect. As a result, lawmakers have recently created a law that changes how care providers are expected to report cases of abuse.

Medical malpractice: Video shows abuse to nursing home resident

Dementia often forces families to make difficult decisions. In many cases, those suffering from such a disease become unable to care for themselves, and family members are often unable to meet their healthcare needs. Thinking it in their loved ones' best interests, many in New Jersey make the decision to place them in nursing home facilities. However, instances of medical malpractice -- in the form of abuse or neglect -- often have families questioning the care provided.

Common surgical errors and why they occur

Surgery is a serious procedure. Whether you are getting gastric bypass surgery or getting your appendix remixed, it is a big deal. Everyone gets a little nervous about surgery, but most people have confidence in surgeons to get the job done safely. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. According to a study released by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, there are at least 4,000 surgical errors per year.

Wrongful death: Group home administrator faces criminal charges

People in New Jersey and across the country who struggle to provide care for themselves are often placed in assisted living facilities. Employees in these facilities are sometimes tasked with dealing with people who may exhibit challenging behavior -- behavior that is often beyond the control of the patient. Despite this, staff must continue to meet the care needs of all patients in a professional manner. Unfortunately, the administrator of an assisted living facility in another state could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit after she was arrested and faces multiple charges in connection to the death of a resident.