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Charges filed in potential wrongful death case

In order to provide the care that nursing home residents require in New Jersey, there must be many members of a care team. While most of the workers are professionals dedicated to protecting the patients, some are not, sometimes resulting in serious harm to a patient. Unfortunately, one out-of-state resident may be the victim of a wrongful death case after she died during surgery following an injury suffered at a nursing home.

The incident involved a 98-year-old woman and a male nursing assistant. According to reports, the elderly woman suffered a broken leg following an interaction with the man. She was transported to the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. Unfortunately, she passed away during the surgery.

The nursing assistant initially told police that he was attempting to prepare the woman for breakfast when she became violent and began kicking him. According to his version of events, he restrained her legs in an attempt to protect himself, resulting in the woman's injuries. However, other staff reports contradict his version of events, and investigators now believe that the man intentionally harmed the woman. He has since been charged with several crimes, including aggravated battery. Additional charges may be added after the autopsy report is reviewed by the district attorney's office.

Family members in New Jersey often come to the realization that they are no longer able to provide the care their loved ones require. As a result, they make the difficult decision place their family member in a nursing home, expecting that staff will ensure that his or her needs are met. Unfortunately, some residents fall victim to abuse or neglect, resulting in their death. To help ensure that responsible parties are held accountable for their actions, some often opt to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source:, "Updated: Nursing assistant charged following death of patient", Clay Neely, May 26, 2017

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