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Medical malpractice claim could follow allegations of abuse

Many jobs in New Jersey come with stress, especially those that require workers to provide care for people who rely on them to meet their most basic needs but are unable to communicate their wishes. Regardless of the amount of stress a person feels, abuse is never an appropriate option. Unfortunately, an arrest was recently made after an out-of-state nursing home worker was accused of abusing a resident; a medical malpractice lawsuit could potentially follow.

An investigation into the incident began when staff from the Loving Care Nursing Home contacted police. Officials at the nursing home claim that a 21-year-old female worker beat a resident with his leg brace. Footage from surveillance videos apparently supports the claims against the worker.

Reports indicate that the victim attempted to escape from the abuse, but the worker grabbed the man by the shirt and continued to beat him. The worker told administrators at first that she was acting in self-defense, but the surveillance footage does not support those claims. She has since been charged with abuse or neglect of an aged or disabled person.

The decision to place a family member in a nursing home is often difficult for family members and typically only comes after a great deal of thought and consideration. Often, families choose such a placement because they expect that their family member will receive better care at a nursing home that they can provide in their home. Unfortunately, residents in New Jersey and across the country can become victims of medical malpractice. Victims who file a civil lawsuit can often prevent other patients from suffering from similar abuse.

Source:, "Police: ALF worker beat patient with a hollow leg brace repeatedly", Chip Osowski, Feb. 4, 2017

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