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Police chases with truckers can end in deadly truck accidents

Not all police chases here in New Jersey or elsewhere involve passenger vehicles. Some of them involve tractor-trailers or just the cabs. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles -- with or without the trailers -- any truck accidents can be deadly.

Recently, an off-duty police officer noticed that the cab of a tractor-trailer was driving away from the scene of an accident in an erratic manner. The officer gave chase, but he was unable to stop the cab even after firing his weapon at it. The cab went on to strike other vehicles as it fled.

Other officers joined the chase and set up a barricade. As the cab flew through it, shots were fired at it again, and at least one shot hit the driver, but it did not stop him. The cab then slammed into another vehicle.

One of the occupants of that vehicle was killed and the other two suffered unknown injuries. The current conditions of the two survivors were not released. By the time the cab crashed into a building and finally came to rest, it had struck about 12 vehicles. The truck driver is facing charges that include vehicular homicide, aggravated manslaughter and reckless aggravated assault.

In addition to criminal charges, the man could face civil actions from the family of the deceased victim and the two surviving victims. Establishing that his actions caused or contributed to the injuries suffered by the victims, including the fatal injuries suffered by one of them, could result in an award of damages typically seen in truck accidents from a New Jersey court. The driver might not be the only one who bears some liability in this case, however. The victims and/or the families might also be able to make a claim against the police department depending on how the investigation of the chase ends. 

Source: ABC News, "Police Pursuit Ends in Head-on Crash That Kills 1, Injures 3", July 9, 2016

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