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November 2015 Archives

Some car accidents cause burn injuries to the victims

Depending on the angle and force of impact, one or both vehicles could catch fire in a crash. Sadly, there is often no way to predict when a vehicle will burst into flames in an accident. In those New Jersey car accidents involving fire, victims can suffer debilitating burn injuries that could take a significant amount of time from which to recover.

Lane closures sometimes lead to deadly car accidents

Whether it's for construction or some other purpose, officials will close portions of the lanes on the New Jersey Turnpike from time to time. Drivers are warned of most of these closures in advance so that they can merge into another other lane of travel. Some drivers, however, fail to pay attention to those warnings, which can lead to deadly car accidents.

Motorcycle versus car accidents often end in tragedy

New Jersey residents who like to ride motorcycles are most likely aware of the risks that go along with it. They do not have the same protections as people in passenger cars, so any injuries suffered are often more severe. This might be the main reason that motorcycle versus car accidents often end in tragedy -- as one such accident recently did.

Car accidents involving children are especially heartbreaking

Car crashes happen almost every day in New Jersey as the state's residents and visitors travel its streets and highways. Some of these car accidents involve fatalities and/or serious injuries, and most people can sympathize with the victims and their families. However, the accidents that pull at nearly everyone's heartstrings are the ones involving children whose lives end before they truly even have a chance to begin.