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Car accidents can change people's lives forever

Some drivers fail to consider the consequences of their behavior behind the wheel. In the mere seconds in which car accidents can happen, the remainder of the victims' lives may be altered forever. A couple who came to New Jersey for a family wedding is paying the price for another driver's actions.

The New Jersey State Police report shows that the couple's SUV was struck from behind. Their vehicle then rolled over and came to a stop in the woods. The pickup truck that ran into them stopped further up the road. Several witnesses told officers that the truck driver was speeding at the time of the crash. He was issued a citation for careless driving because -- at least in part -- the morning sun could have obstructed his view.

In the meantime, the 61-year-old man in the SUV was initially not expected to survive. This is because he suffered 14 broken ribs, two broken hips; sadly, he no longer has a left leg. He was thrown out of the vehicle during the crash and landed some 70 feet from the wreckage. He was able to leave the New Jersey hospital, but is still in bandages and a wheelchair. His fiance was trapped in the car and suffered serious injuries.

The couple lost their home, their vehicle and their cats as a result of the crash. The man, who is a truck driver, is unable to work, and insurance is just not covering all of their medical costs. Under the law, each injured individual is entitled to pursue a claim for personal injuries against the 24-year-old driver who hit their SUV. Successfully proving his negligence could result in an award of damages typically seen in car accidents that might help them recover financially from the tragedy.

Source:, "Jacksonville couple rebuilding their lives after crash in New Jersey", Vic Micolucci and Jodi Mohrmann, Sept. 9, 2015

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