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Truck accidents can be caused by improperly secured loads

Nearly every New Jersey driver gets nervous around tractor-trailers because of the potential that loads may shift, tires could blow or other catastrophes could occur. One of the most unpredictable -- yet preventable -- truck accidents can be caused when a load is not properly secured. This oversight can cause a variety of issues, including the load coming off the truck and hitting another vehicle.

Recently, a 50-year-old truck driver was transporting an empty shipping container on a flatbed trailer. As he headed down a New Jersey roadway, he came to an underpass. Unfortunately, there was not enough clearance for the trailer, and the container hit the underpass and spun around.

The driver of a passenger car was, sadly, in the wrong place at the wrong time. The container crushed the passenger car. The car's horn blared for several hours while crews worked the scene. By the time they got to the 39-year-old driver, he had succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the accident.

The investigation into this tragedy is not yet complete. One report indicated that detectives spent a significant amount of time taking measurements. Questions regarding why the container was not properly secured and why the driver thought he had enough clearance will need to be answered as part of the final report.

While New Jersey officials determine whether charges will be filed or citations will be issued, the family of the deceased driver may file a wrongful death claim similar to those filed in other truck accidents. Both the driver and his employer could be held liable for this tragedy if the court rules that the driver and/or the company were negligent. Either way, a monetary judgment could be entered against the company since it is responsible for the actions of its employees during the course of their duties.

Source:, "Driver killed by tractor-trailer container in Rutherford Route 3 crash identified", June 9, 2015

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