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Motorcycle crash occurred at intersection known for car accidents

Nearly every New Jersey town or city has at least one intersection that area police and residents consider to be more dangerous than others. The number of serious or fatal car accidents that take place at or near those intersections usually punctuates this fact. An accident at one such intersection in the state recently sent a motorcycle rider to the hospital.

According to preliminary police reports, the accident took place around 4:39 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. The 19-year-old man on the motorcycle was heading north. At the same time, a 57-year-old woman was headed south.

Failing to yield to pedestrians causes many urban truck accidents

Many New Jersey pedestrians have stories regarding narrow escapes with vehicles as they crossed the street. It might not have mattered that they were in crosswalks and had the right of way. Some pedestrians do not get the chance to relay a story of a close call because they were killed in car, bus or truck accidents.

One such pedestrian, a 32-year-old man, will not be telling his tale himself. He suffered fatal injuries when a garbage truck struck him. The incident occurred at around 5 a.m. as the man attempted to cross the street in a crosswalk. At the same time, the garbage truck made a left turn into him.

Defective products might prevent the ability to save lives

In an emergency, New Jersey residents who suffer from a cardiac arrest might require emergency responders to use a defibrillator to restart their hearts. This is done through the administration of an electrical shock to the patient. On Feb. 10, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a Class I recall for the LIFEPAK 15 Monitor/Defibrillator (LP15). The recall of these defective products affects cardiac patients and the medical personnel who use them.

The FDA lists this as a Class I recall due to the potential for serious injury or death. When a New Jersey resident is believed to be in cardiac arrest, the machine's electrodes are attached to the patient to determine heart rhythm and deliver an electric shock if needed. Unfortunately, an electrical problem with these devices might prevent the shock from being delivered, which could lead to death, serious injury and permanent damage to the patient's organs, including the brain.

Did you trip or slip and fall on someone else's property?

It can be embarrassing to take a tumble, but more than your pride could be hurt. In New Jersey and elsewhere, serious injuries can happen when you trip or slip and fall. If that fall took place on someone else's property, it might not have been your fault.

New Jersey property owners, both public and private, are required to maintain their properties in order to prevent dangerous hazards for invitees. During the winter months, snow and ice present a problem if sidewalks, parking lots and entryways are not kept clear. Even if you are careful, you could hit a patch of ice or snow, fall and suffer serious injuries.

Admissions of guilt in car accidents helps establish negligence

Even though criminal and civil proceedings are vastly different when it comes to motor vehicle crashes, any information garnered from a criminal proceeding could be useful in a New Jersey civil court. Keeping track of the progression of criminal charges in car accidents plays an important role. For example, admissions of guilt as part of a plea bargain could help establish negligence in a civil proceeding.

For instance, a 46-year-old man recently pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and death by auto in the death of a motorcyclist on Dec. 13, 2015. As he headed east, he made a left turn into the path of the motorcycle. The 51-year-old New Jersey man attempted to avoid colliding with the car, but he fell off his motorcycle and crashed into the back of the car. He died at the scene from the injuries he suffered in that impact.

Intentional car accidents often end in criminal and civil actions

Not every crash that happens here in New Jersey or elsewhere is a mistake. Some car accidents are caused intentionally for a variety of reasons. For example, a woman is accused of intentionally causing a fatal wreck after a domestic confrontation.

According to reports, the former military police officer was pursuing her estranged husband and a woman in a separate vehicle in a reckless manner. Her pursuit caused the 23-year-old woman driving the vehicle, which was also occupied by her 26-year-old husband, to lose control. The vehicle then left the road, and it somehow ended up crossing over into oncoming traffic where it slammed into another vehicle.

Defective products recalled by Sierra Nevada Brewing company

Beer drinkers might like to put their beer into a glass, but would surely not be happy to find glass in their beer. Unfortunately, this is a possibility if a beer drinker purchased 12-ounce bottles of beer made by the Sierra Nevada Brewing company. The company recently issued a voluntary recall of defective products sold in several states, including New Jersey.

A flaw in the bottles could cause the glass to break and end up in the beer. Obviously, if a New Jersey consumer drank the beer with glass in it, injuries could result. Therefore, the company decided to recall its Pale Ale bottled between Dec. 5, 2016 and Jan. 8. The other varieties affected by the recall were bottled between Dec. 5, 2016 and Jan. 13.

Did diagnosis errors cause permanent damage to college student?

Being sick is no fun, and the more severe the symptoms, the more frightening and disconcerting an illness can be. New Jersey residents rely on doctors to figure out what is ailing them and prescribe the appropriate treatment to heal them. However, when the right treatment is delayed due to diagnosis errors, a patient's life can be put in jeopardy, and long-term health consequences can result.

For example, back in 2015, a 19-year-old college student on the west coast got suddenly and violently ill. She suffered from fever, body aches and a sore throat, along with a fever, sweats and chills. She was also vomiting, had a headache and was congested with a cough. The physician's assistant took a nasal swab to determine whether the woman had the flu, and she was diagnosed with a non-specific viral syndrome. She was told to increase her fluid intake and get some rest.

Deadly car accidents rose in 2016 here in New Jersey

Now that 2016 is over, data regarding a variety of traffic-related issues for that year is gathered such as the number of injuries suffered in crashes and traffic fatalities. The number of deaths for 2016 do not bode well for New Jersey. Deadly car accidents rose 8 percent from 2015. The data indicates that 607 lives were lost on the state's roadways last year.

That number is an increase of 45 deaths from 2015, which also saw a rise in fatalities from 2014. Since 2013, the number of people dying in traffic accidents has steadily risen. The data shows that failing to use seatbelts, distractions such as texting and speeding were the major contributors to the deaths reported.

Premises liability claim filed after esclator accident at mall

Going to the mall is often a fun experience for families here in New Jersey and elsewhere. Unfortunately for one out-of-state family, it turned into a tragedy that left a 7-year-old boy permanently injured. His parents recently filed a premises liability claim against the mall where the incident happened and the escalator company.

As the family was going to a lower floor on the escalator, the boy's foot got caught between stairs. The escalator continued to move downward, which only made the situation worse. A fast-thinking shopper hit the emergency stop, but even so, the mother was unable to remove the boy's foot.